WordPress Login: 3 Best Ways To Login WordPress Admin 2021


Today, I will solve you most common question that we get asked by many people “How to do WordPress admin login”. WordPress login not working? In this post, we will teach you the most common two things or problems in WordPress. One is “How to WordPress login admin three easiest way” and another one is ” If you are lost your WordPress username or Password how to solve it. Let’s discuss how can solve this problem and how to get access to our WordPress dashboard. But before we discuss please check out Our WordPress Free Elements.

Step 01: Using “Login” URL

The first step, when you lost your WordPress admin login URL dashboard you need to do three things.

  1. First, you should go to your website’s homepage.
  2. Click your homepage URL.
  3. And Lastly, Write “/login/” Example: www.example.com/login/

You can see these steps demonstrated in the screenshot bellow.

Step 02: Using “wp-admin” URL.

Here will provide you three ways to log in to the WordPress admin dashboard. URL for WordPress login.

  1. First things, Go to your website
  2. Then Click the page URL
  3. And Lastly, type “wp-admin”

You can see WordPress dashboard Admin URL

Step 03: Using “wp-admin.php” URL

If your “how to log in WordPress admin” URL is not working for some reason, you easily access the WordPress Admin login page by type this URL.

  1. Go to your website URL
  2. Click on the home page URL
  3. Type www.example.com/wp-login.php

Login WordPress Admin to type “wp-admin.php” URL.

How To Login WordPress Admin

How to solve the problem “if you lost your username/password

For many reasons, we have lost our passwords. Like that we lost our password for example Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and many accounts. Today we don’t talk about those accounts for how to reset that. But on this day I will talk about “How to rest our password or username in WordPress” So, let’s see how you can reset your WordPress password.

There are three ways to reset your WordPress Password

  1. Using built-in WordPress password reset option
  2. Reset the password from the hosting account
  3. From C-Panel hosting

First Method To Reset Password

The first way, we solve this problem is to use the built-in WordPress password reset option. To reset your password go to your login page.

  1. Click the “lost your password” option.
  2. Enter the email you used when creating your WordPress account.
  3. Click the option of “Get new password
  4. Check your e-mail for the confirmation link
  5. And click this link to reset the password

Second Method To Reset Password

Let’s go to the second method which is to reset the password from your hosting account. There are two types of hosting you can have for your WordPress site.

  1. A managed WordPress hosting
  2. Cpanel hosting

A managed WordPress hosting

First, we will be going to see how can reset your password on a managed WordPress hosting platform. You need to do these things.

  1. Login to your hosting account
  2. Click on “Hosting & WordPress” or “My Sites”

When you get your WordPress admin dashboard. Now, let’s see how can reset passwords and usernames from the WordPress admin dashboard

  1. Go to “Users” and Click “Your Profile”.
  2. And Finally Reset “password”.


So lastly can say that in this post I discuss how to easily access the WordPress dashboard in just a few clicks. now I need from you one thing that please tell me in the comment section What type of post you need in the next tutorial. And also tell about this post in the comment section how do you feel now about solving your problem.

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