How to Delete WordPress Account (July 2021)

Want to learn about How to delete my WordPress account? Firstly you need to know about WordPress. When we saw the name WordPress comes to our head CMS (Content Management System) system. The world’s biggest CMS Platform and biggest blog hosting platform worldwide. The new data research shows that nearly 35 percent of active sites use the WordPress cms system.

The best reason to use WordPress that is it’s useful to free account creation, Easy to set up, easy to use the plugin, Don’t need programming or any code, and also most importantly easy to use beginners. When WordPress owns 60 percent CMS market on the other hand WordPress competitors Drupal and Joomla own their market only 3.2 percent and 5.2 percent.

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For many reasons, people delete their WordPress account. However, many times when you no longer need a WordPress account. For other reasons, you can delete your WordPress account whatever your mind.

In this article, we will tackle the best reasons Why people delete their WordPress account. And also talk about how can you easily delete your WordPress account step by step just look and see. we will provide you the best ways to solve your problem without any hassle and also you learn from this article When you delete your WordPress account then if you want it to recover how can do it. So let’s get started!

Why People Delete WordPress Account

Why people delete their WordPress account is the most common reason included here. Learn more from here about why do you want to delete your account.

  1. Shifting Plateform: If you found a better CMS platform from WordPress and you have also known the other CMSplatform more effectively better suited for your site. It may be worth deleting your account. For example: If you think Jumla Offers you better than functionality from WordPress you well switch Joomla.
  2. Ensuring Security: if you do plan to continue operating your website or blog, you may consider deleting your account rather than risking a security breach if attackers targeted WordPress servers at scale or directly compromise your account.

Consequences of Account Deletion

If you deciding delete your Account, for the information I told you before deciding to delete your account, Make sure you understand both the immediate and long-term consequences.

For example, when you delete your account its may affect any attached WoCommerce and Gravatar accounts. Any attaches or Graveter deletes immediately and also remove. If your site is eCommerce you are unable to access any eCommerce site. A notice from the official WordPress support page will be checking your eCommerce website and ensure your account critical eCommerce access.

However, also when you deleting your account the username is permanently blocked from being registered again to reduce the chance of impersonation.

1. Login to your WordPress Account

Login to your WordPress account uses your username and password. And also, you can use your google, apple account to log in. If you have multiple accounts, make sure you are login into the right one before starting the deletion process.

2. Click On My “Site” in the Left-hand corner.

If you want to delete your WordPress account, you first need to delete any active sites from your My Sites panel.

3. Select “Manage” then “Settings”

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Delete your Site Permanently”

You can see that if you press click on the “Delete your site permanently” button your all of your posts, media, and data will be clear.

5. Export any content you want to keep

After clicking on Delete permanently button” you will see an option that says to you “Export content First”. That means you can export any kind of data like Posts, media, and other resources. You can easily download it into a zip file and use it for another site.

6. Scroll down for the “delete site button”

Click on the “delete site” button. And wait for the next option.

7. Enter your site name and click on “Delete this site” buttom.

You will see appear write that Please type in “”. That means you will be writing your site name exactly like the red color letter.


In this post, we also give you deeply information on how you can easily delete your WordPress account and export any kind of content. Thank you!

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